Can Jeroni
Can Jeroni
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One hundred years of service

The restaurant began in the early 20th century, when Jeroni Carrera and Rosa Molas began to serve drinks and meals in the lower part of the house.

Over time the establishment grew and they were soon serving the first tourists who came to visit the village, lured by the town's religious iconography, 'la Majestat'.

During the difficult decade of the 1940s, a new generation joined the business. Jeroni's son Joan served at the bar, while Teresa Vila tended the oven. Following traditional ways and customs, dishes of 'mountain paella' and meat from the hunts were transformed into the classic dishes of the times.

In 1965 the first road was opened up to the town, heralding an important change: it was now no longer necessary to walk for hours to visit Beget or to supply the town using transport with animals. The town awoke.

The decades of the 1970s and 1980s were busy years, where many townsfolk came to discover this hidden corner of the Pyrenees. This era was a time when local families aspired to improve their lot and restore their homes.

With the beginning of the new century the new road from Oix has allowed the town to open up on another side. New changes and alterations have given the restaurant its present style, a special character, the specific results of years of existence.

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