Can Jeroni
Can Jeroni
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The town which keeps you company

Beget, situated at the western extreme of l'Alta Garrotxa is 541 meters above sea level. In 1969 it was incorporated in the village of Camprodon (Ripollès) thanks to the good communication with the neighbouring county.

The core, surrounded by forests of holm oak and oak, lies at the bottom of the valley, alongside the streams. Local houses are all made with stone from the area and are constructed along narrow streets which shelter and protect passers-by.

Winters are mild, and lend themselves to an easy walk and midday conversations. In the summer the river adds a refreshing tone to the atmosphere and its merry waters can be heard in many areas of the town, lending an almost dream-like air to the town. The narrow medieval bridges in the town centre are suitable for walkers only.

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